Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY: Re-Use Old Candle Jars

I love my 3-wick candles and wanted to find a way to be able to use the wonderful jars they come in.  I've seen online the technique of freezing the old jar and then using a knife to break up the cold wax.  I don't know about you, but I don't do so well with knives and glass jars.  So I thought about melting the wax instead and popping out the leftovers.  I boiled up a pot of water, poured the hot water into my old candle jar and watched as the wax melted and floated to the top.  Of course George was there along the way making sure I didn't make too much of a mess.  Once the water had cooled and the wax had hardened at the top, I popped out the wax disk and cleaned out any remaining wax residue - easy!

 Lemon Pound Cake candle all used up...

 Pour in the boiling water and watch as the melted wax starts floating to the top.  That's George there overseeing the project.

 Be sure to scoop out the wicks soon after you pour in the boiling water.

 Let the water cool and the wax harden before popping out the wax disk.

 Pour out the water once you remove the wax. Clean up any remaining residue with rubbing alcohol.  I would suggest not pouring the water down the drain - I dumped it outside as I didn't want to clog up my drains with any remaining wax.

There are endless possibilities of how you can use these jars!


  1. I think this gives me the excuse to buy better candles occasionally to have such beautiful jars to use afterwards, definitely prefer this to the freezing method. :) Gorgeous blog, Jennifer!


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